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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is direct response copywriting?

Direct response copywriting aims to get people to take action now… buying, signing up, downloading.

2. How is it different from traditional marketing copy?

Regular copy is geared to get your brand name remembered - think nearly all television commercials.

3. How can targeting emotions boost my response rate?

Emotionally charged content engages your audience on a deeper level, triggering action. Appeals that stir emotions…that connect personally… evoking relatable feelings… can double your response rates over purely factual content. Tapping into underlying emotions can be your secret weapon in B2B marketing.

4. I sell B2B. My prospects are all about the facts. Emotional appeals won’t work, will they?

Your prospects are still people, and their decisions are tied to more than just data-driven decisions and ROI… underlying emotions play into the entire process as well. Emotions such as trust, security, and the potential for career advancement make a large impact on purchasing decisions as well.

5. How can tapping into the 16 basic desires that drive behavior boost my response rate?

People do things to fulfill deep needs, like wanting to belong… know more… feel free… etc. When you know which need your product meets, you can write in a way that really talks to your customers and makes them feel understood.

6. What is the ‘Power of One’?

It’s about keeping your message crystal clear and laser-focused on one main idea, with one promise, to tap into one major emotion. Doing so means your message comes through strong and clear, cutting through the clutter and noise to grab your prospect’s attention.

7. How can I discover my prospects’ deep emotions?

Discovering your prospects’ deep emotions starts with customer feedback, in-depth interviews, and focus interviews… but it doesn’t end there. Behavior analysis and an understanding of motivational psychology bring richness to your marketing. Your prospects will feel like you ‘get them’ and are speaking directly to them.

Don’t have this expertise in-house? Consider hiring me for immediate help.

8. How can I discover my prospects’ motivations?

Spend hour after hour studying motivational psychology and neuroscience or hire someone - like me - who has already put in the time and work delving into these fields.

9. How do I craft a promise that is compelling for my target audience?

Crafting a compelling promise starts with understanding your prospects as people - who they are, what they believe, and what drives them to action. When your promise taps into these aspects it becomes compelling for your target audience.

10.. What are common mistakes in direct response copywriting?

Common mistakes in direct response copywriting include overwhelming your audience with too many options, using jargon-filled language and other confusing language, and failing to provide solid evidence to back up your claims.

11. Can direct response really make a difference to how well my landing pages perform?

Yes. Direct response works by making emotional appeals which outperforms logic by nearly 2 to 1 in written and 3 to 1 in video.

12. Can AI (like ChatGPT or Claude) write my copy?

Sure... if speed and cost are your only concerns and you don’t care about actual results. Flint McGlaughlin from MECLABS (the folks who coined the term conversion rate optimization) pointed out that the Internet - and by extension, all AI trained on it - is the sum of mediocrity.

AI does not know what it means to be human -and lacks the motivations and complexities of being human. Plus, it sometimes makes up answers - it hallucinates.

So, while AI is useful for tasks like brainstorming and initial drafts, it cannot come close to crafting nuanced, emotionally riveting copy that a seasoned copyright produces.

Do you remember the last time you read something that moved you? That’s the human touch in action... something AI can’t even begin to do.

Relying on AI to write your copy would be using a calculator for advanced math… it helps with the basics but can’t solve nuanced problems without human understanding.

AI provides a quick fix that lacks the expert touch needed for substantial results.

13. Can you help me with creating direct response materials and campaigns?

Absolutely! I have extensive training and have been crafting direct response copy since 2015. Each page on this site is a sample of my work - plus I have an entire section dedicated to samples I’ve written.

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Les not only produced awesome copy that was spot on, he also went above and beyond what I asked him to do, delivering exceptional value. The copy was clean, with a fast turnaround time ofjust two weeks. When I asked for a few minor revisions, he had the work done in less than 24 hours.

I feel that Les truly understands both my target market, and what my product can do for that market. He did his homework, nailing every vital point in building a compelling case for my product.

If you need powerful sales copy, I recommend that you consider using Les Moyes. - Meeka Spyker, Spyker Nutrition.




Les has written copy for several of my marketing clients. I have found his work to be outstanding - his copy exceeded my expectations. He was thorough, was available when I needed to talk to him, and delivered the work on time.

If you need someone to write outstanding copy, that will generate leads and sales, I highly recommmend that you have Les do the work. You won't be disappointed. - John Moyes, Blue Castle Marketing.

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Oh, and the marketing advice, it was always very positive results so your recommendation on how to present the value, compare the here's what you would spend and this is the time you would spend and this is what that would look like money wise. - Jeff Kohler, Socialize Video


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